This IDC Market Note examines Nexign’s ongoing strategic journey from regional BSS leader to global digital transformation partner.
The report discusses the changes the company has undergone to enter the world stage and pursue its goal of becoming a competitive global player.
Key advantages of Nexign's portfolio:
  • High-performance solution with optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) and a partnership ethos, putting transparency at the heart of its relationships
  • Key themes addressed, including IoT, analytics, and blockchain
  • Holistic portfolio of products and services built for the era of digital transformation (i.e. using open source technologies, cloud-native & stateless microservices, and a DevOps & CI/CD approach to facilitate full XaaS delivery or cloud-managed services models)
The next two years will be a crucial time for telcos and their monetisation and operations capabilities. With developments towards 5G and IoT, and the need to transform new network capabilities into monetisable services, it is essential for telcos to ensure they have fully agile monetisation systems that can adapt to complex new business models and an extensive partner ecosystem. In IDC's experience most telco’s are a long way from making this a reality.
This situation presents a great opportunity for a company such as Nexign. Not only in offering a flexible range of solutions and experience DevOps and CI/CD delivery, but also as a digital transformation partner helping to understand and plan the deeper necessary changes.
Rosalind Craven
Research Manager, EMEA Mobility, IDC
For 26 years, Nexign has been bringing its partnership ethos to its Tier-1 clientele to address the requirements of extremely tech-savvy subscribers in low-ARPU environments. There are not many companies that can innovatively serve 80 million subscribers in such complex technical and commercial conditions, and we believe this strength lends itself extremely well to our international expansion efforts.
We were pleased to see IDC’s Market Note picking up on the fact that our messaging and efforts are low on buzzwords and high on detail, as this is the core of Nexign’s culture and focus: we aim to deliver value by helping CSPs become DSPs. We do this through a relentless focus on being value leaders, execution and the pragmatic innovation approach we use across our products and extensive portfolio of services. This recent report shows once more that we are on the right track for success across products and markets for 2019 and beyond.
Loukas Tzitzis
CPMO, Nexign