8 October | 2018

CommsMEA: Building on success while starting fresh

Loukas Tzitzis, CPMO of Nexign, discusses what the journey for the company has been and what might come next.

Twenty six years is a long time for anything; after all, a large portion of the world's population wasn't even alive 26 years ago. And when we are talking about the telecommunications industry - and, more specifically, business support systems (BSS) - then that's an impressive feat indeed. But that's how long Nexign (pronounced "Nex-sign") has been around."We're not a new kid on the block", says Loukas Tzitzis, Chief Products and Marketing Officer. 

He is not kidding: Nexign has the distinction of being the first company to create BSS software in Russia and the CIS. Back than, it was known as "Peter-Service", an homage to its roots in the Russian city of Saint-Petersburg. 

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